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Finishing a Goal. Or… “I Made A Thing!”

0408161600aI just wanted to boost the signal from my game blog.  I was able to finally accomplish the goal of getting my roleplaying game rules finished.   The rules are called the Chronicles RPG Core Set. They’re focused on a more narrative style of play with only a moderate crunch in terms of modifiers and numbers.  I’ll be putting up all sorts of examples over the weeks to come as well as adventures, etc.
So, if you are into that sort of thing and would like to know more, head on over to Yoteden’s Gametime and grab yourself a copy of the rules.  They’re free and remain that way for as long as I have anything to say about it!

The Chronicles RPG Core Rules

Thanks and more to come soon!



Pre-game Session 3 – The Character

What’s a solo RPG game without a character to play?  To stick with the idea of everything being random I decided to throw a series of oracle cards that might give me an idea of the character I would play.

I drew five cards with the categories of Body, Mind, Dreams, Inner Character, Outer Character.  Here is what I got.







Inner Character

Inner Character

Outer Character

Outer Character








Body – 6 of Pentacles.  This card is a tough one as its about generosity, sharing prosperity.  If Body is equal to health then you have someone in excellent health.  The first thing in my mind was a man, perhaps middle-aged, who is in excellent shape, successful and helping others.

Mind – King of Swords.  Nice.  A perfect card for this position and one that meshes well with the first card. I immediately thought of a general or a retired veteran with a keen strategic mind.  This character should have a very high intelligence with a no-nonsense attitude.

Dreams – 3 of Pentacles.  He wants to be known for creating something or building something.  I still get a very martial feel.  Perhaps he is done with the military life and has stepped out of that role so he can move out into the world and help people?  Perhaps he wants to build a business using those skills?  Perhaps becoming a consultant or starting a school for military training or tactics?

Inner Character – 6 of Cups.  Inside he is a very romantic person.  He enjoys beauty and children.  He himself can be very childlike.  He appreciates and fosters innocence though he himself has lost it.

Outer Character – 9 of Swords.  Woah, curveball.  Intense anxiety, nightmares.  His outer character is very rattled right now and perhaps he does not look as well put together to the public eye.  Inside he’s doing alright but he’s let the outside go.  Did something happen in his recent past to cause him to fall into anxiety?  To quit his job in the military?

With these starting points I think I have a beginning to work from to build a nice character.

I’m seeing a retired Field Marshall, a general or something similar.  Someone who has commanded others and had a lot of military experience.  He is decorated and well-liked.  He has numerous contacts and a decent social network.  He frequents museums, gardens and enjoys the beauty of the world.  For a long time he worked to protect that beauty feeling that his superior mind and physical strength were best applied with his rank.  I’m not sure yet what kind of military.  We’ll get there.

Something happened which caused him to intentionally announce his retirement from a life-long military career and to strike out into the world.  Whatever it was it rattled him and he frequently has nightmares and carries a “haunted” look about him.   He’s decided to set out into the world and away from the rank and file of the military which, based on his cards, were not allowing him to show his full potential.

I want more detail about the 9 of Swords.  What caused the 9 of Swords in the character’s life?

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Pre-Game Session 2 – The World

When I first mentioned the idea of a solo sandbox game I knew I wanted to run a fantasy themed game.  My gameworld idea I wanted to run with was nothing new to me.  I created the first town and the first map somewhere in the late 1980’s.  It became more solid and an actual creation with the first world map around 1989.  It’s my Middle Earth.  It’s my Neverland.  I’ve run countless games in it, spent hours creating cities, building histories and, in general, breathing life into it.  I enjoy sharing it with other people so it seems the perfect setting for this experiment.  It seems perfect but it’s not that easy.

There are two complications.  One is that part of this experiment / distraction is the setting needs to be built as randomly as possible.  I want the joy, surprise and the challenge of building something from scattered random elements.  This is hard to do with a setting you already know intimately!  The second part is that, no offense, I have much larger plans for the world I spent over 20 years building.  Hint – It involves a lot of writing and, more importantly, editing.  Because of those larger plans it wouldn’t be a good idea to do large amounts of self-publishing here on this blog.

But I REALLY wanted to use that world setting!

The answer came along while I was going through an old box from my past.  While pulling out old keepsakes, papers and items which make you wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”  I came across a cluster of gemstones.  That’s right, I found a pile of old character sheets and notes from 8th/9th grade!


Yes. They packaged the character sheets in pink.

I really can’t tell you if it was like finding golden history or comedy gold.  Amongst that raggedy pile of penciled happiness were three or four sheets of the FIRST game setting I created.  A setting which had become utterly lost in my memory but which, within seconds of viewing it, brought back all the happy memories of working on it.

It wasn’t much more than a fleshed out idea at the time.  An idea that I still really enjoy; a large island intended to be a savage environment set away from the mainland and overrun with all sorts of critters.  It was my adolescent Mystery Monster Island.  A mist enshrouded island of treasure,  danger and death.  Yay!

Wah-lah! I had my solution.  Like a sandbox, I could place the island in the world but keep it separate.  It could become this blog’s personal stomping grounds and I would still get to offer some of the great things I liked about the larger game world!   To keep things as random as possible I would simply start with the concept of the island and nothing from the original hand drawn maps.  (To be honest, considering the adolescent drawing skills involved, it would be for the better.)  I had my setting.  As an added bonus I hit upon a supplementary idea to the island, a secondary underlying concept which I think will really make it sing.

Allow me to introduce you to the setting.


In the Eastern Ocean, away from the more civilized lands of the Independant Cities there sits a large island.  Whispered and rumored in scholarly circles to be the hub of an ancient civilization, it’s now known only as a savage, inhospitable place.  A land that sits as a testament not only to the crushing power of Nature but to the twisted power of chaotic magicks set loose.  No races call it home except for the numerous monstrous humanoids who live there.  The small settlements which dare to carve out a living on it’s shores are home to those individuals whom, for one reason or another, have no where else to be.  Some arrive out of prosecution, others out of desperation and a rare few arrive simply for the challenge of delving deeper into the island and possibly extracting treasure or knowledge from the stone ruins that blanket the island.

It is known by many names, “Blood Rock”, “The Anvil”, “Claw Island.”  Most, however, continue to use it’s old world name which was found inscribed in different languages on a weathered stone obelisk overlooking the ruins of what could have been an ancient port city.  The discovery, made by one of the last of the first exploration parties sent to the island centuries ago, was startling as the elven explorer uncovered an ancient elven word dating back thousand of years carved deep into the stone.

The word?


It’s meaning?

Blessed place.

Click HERE to go on to the Pre-Game Session #3!

The Yoteden FU Hack, Part Three

FanMadeFuThe following is a hack I created to help give a FU character some form of advancement from game session to game session.  Fair warning, it does contain a small amount of bookkeeping and it just may be too cumbersome for such an elegant game as FU.  Just because it works for me doesn’t mean, well, anything!  (I actually rewrote this piece to make it a bit more palatable which is the reason for the delay.)

I find that levels of 3 work extremely well in FU so it builds off of the idea of the Three Strikes from other FU hacks (that to attain something you have to build up a number of Conditions to accomplish that goal.)  This is simply applied to the idea of skills, knowledge and abilities since, typically, these are not something you acquire overnight but, instead, are something you have to work on over time.

On Learning Things

To kick things off on something that might appear to be confusing and entirely too subjective, I thought I would start with an overview and a quick example.

Overview and Example

A character may learn something new, gain a new skill rank, learn a spell, etc by gaining Knowledge Conditions attached to what they are trying to improve.  Based on what you are trying to do you will need to gain 1 – 3 (or more) Knowledge Conditions over time.   The number you need will be set by the GM based on the complexity of your goal.  You gain a Knowledge Condition by attempting a Beat the Odds roll to attempt to gain said  Condition.

Rolls for knowledge conditions typically take place at the end of game sessions or after a significant period of game time involved in study has passed.

Example — Xerses discovers a Sleep spell in an old tome he recovered from a ruined fortress.  Xerses would like to learn the spell and the GM tells him he will need to have 2 Knowledge Conditions to be successful.  Xerses must spend 3 full days of in-game time for each Condition.  This will be reading the tome, making notes, practicing, etc.   When the in-game reading and research time has expired for the first Knowledge Condition, Xerses can attempt the first roll to get that first Knowledge Condition.

If successful, he may get a bonus to the second one.  The second roll would take place as soon as the next period of in-game time is finished, as set by the GM.

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The Yoteden FU Hack, Part Two

FanMadeFuPart Two of the Yoteden Fu Hack is here!  Part Three will follow along shortly.

This time we cover special abilities like Magic and Psionics.  Presented below is an overview of what I will be using in my FU games.  It will add some extra details to keep track of but the last time I checked folks that like playing wizards tend to like more fiddly bits anyway!  (You know who you are!)  It’s taken me about 6 months to get it all down in one piece and with a system that I feel works pretty well while still carrying the elegance of the FU system.   Enjoy!


On Things FUsterious and Powerful

If a character is a mage, a priest, a psychic or a mutant with odd powers then this section is for them.  If they want to toss fireballs, float mugs around a tavern, walk through walls, talk to animals, read minds, or transform themselves into an eagle then, hopefully, we’ll get it covered here.  The original FU rules are light in this regard and so I’ve crafted this system together to give it a bit more structure.  Here is a step by step guide.

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The Yoteden FU Hack, Part One

FanMadeFuThe FU (Free Universal) RPG encourages tinkering.  If someone wants to modify and adapt things then it’s called a hack.  As anyone who reads this blog should know by now, I love this game system.  Late last year I decided it was THE game system I would move forward with and use.  I knew I wanted to do some serious projects with it including a solo game, a weekly game with my kids and maybe even an internet game with friends.  However, if I was going to use it, I needed to tinker with it.  There were some spots that I wanted to modify a bit not because they were wrong but because they didn’t fit my game style.

I’m happy to now report it’s getting finished up and I’m putting the first post up here as well as the FU RPG Yahoo board for anyone to use or, in turn, hack.  The hack will come out in three sections so as not to overload one single post.  The order of the release is

  1. Character Creation
  2. On Things Mysterious and Powerful
  3. On Learning Things

The first, which you can read below, is simply my way of how I want to build and run a character. The second will be my FU hack for Magic, Psychics, and maybe even superpowers.  The third adds in a bit of character advancement, XP and a little extra bookkeeping.

Once I get this released and ready to use, the next step is to get started with the solo campaign using the rules from the hack and as many random generators as I can find.   I hope to start the solo section later this week with some notes and ramblings about what kind of world I want to use in the first place.  Lots of gaming posts to come!


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Gaming Projects

FanMadeFuAs I’ve mentioned before I have a deep love of the roleplaying game called FU (Free Universal).  It’s a slip stream story game that pushes the fun of story and holds back on the crunch.   I used it to great success when I ran a Cthulhu game for my son last year.   (Upon re-reading the rules recently I realized I had overlooked something valuable; only the players are supposed to making die rolls! ) I’ve also used FU as the main game engine for most of my solo play episodes over the past year.  It’s lightweight, moves fast and blends very well with my other love, the Mythic GM Emulator.

FU allows for a lot of tweaking and over on the FU Yahoo group several people have put together various hacks for the game that cover things from Pirates to Star Wars.  Something I’ve been working on has been an all purpose hack of my own that covers what I truly love about the game as well as combining a few elements that I feel are missing.

This week I was able to sit down and get some of my thoughts down about my own FU hack, something that fit my view and version of the game.  I mainly wanted it for my upcoming project of running a solo sandbox game, something that I could call my own and use efficiently.  With the hack I also wanted to address the missing components of character advancement as well as a structure for magic/psychics/superpowers.

I thought it was going to be easy.

The good news – We’re almost done.  I say “we” because I conscripted my son and his gamer brain to help me out.  He had some really good ideas and while working together we came up with a system which might just work.  Collaboration for the win!

The bad news – It wasn’t easy and I’ve got a small pile of handscribbled notes complete with arrows and circles and stars which would NOT look good as an uploaded PDF.   So, here I sit writing this instead of writing that!   Seriously, there isn’t really any bad news except for the fact I really need an Elixir of Extra Hours or something in my day.

The Solo Sandbox Game

What do I mean by this?  Well, to be more clear, I’m insane.  There.  That was easy to sort out.

The idea here is to start with a character made up of a series of random elements and place him (or her) in a new setting with which I have very little familiarity.  Most of not all of said campaign is to be randomly created either through the main rules I’ll be using (FU and the awesome Mythic GM Emulator), tarot cards, story cards, Rory’s story cubes, random wiki pages, or the plethora of random generator sites on the internet.  Along the way I’ll be linking to those sites so you can see them for yourself and sharing some of my tools that I use.  But wait!  There’s more.  Probably the most exciting part about is that I’m going to let you, the reader, play by adding your own ideas.  I would like for this to create something shared.

For the world itself or the genre of the game, I want it to start from a random seed as well.  This is why I was so happy with the Swashbuckling Fairy Tale result of the previous tarot NPC post.   It might be something that I could have a lot of fun running and writing.  I’m not sold on it quite yet because I am also considering a few other options.

sandboxtoys What is a sandbox game, you ask?  A sandbox game in a normal RPG player/GM setting is a type of game where the players literally can go in any direction they wish.  They decide what they want to do and the GM simply adapts to their ideas and builds around the moving lens of the player.

A good example in video games of a sandbox world/campaign are the Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim and the others.  One thing to remember about a sandbox is that the world moves on with or without the player’s input or actions.  This later part is something I’m not sure how I will construct in the actual solo play but we’ll see how it goes.  A sandbox solo game is not something I’ve seen done anywhere else so we will be setting off into unexplored gamer territory.  How geeky!

How will it work for me?  My character (or characters) can go anywhere they would like to go and as they do I will build the world around them.  I will leave the plots and stories to the mechanics of the Mythic Emulator and see what happens!  It will definitely be a play-as-you-go (read: seat of the pants) type of game.

My goals?  A:  I want to see if it can be done.  B: I think it would be great if a cool, free game setting gets built from it. C: Have fun!

At least, that’s the idea.  And now you can see why I need to get the FU hack written so I can move forward with things!

Creating An NPC With Tarot

When I ran through this the first time, I used Rory’s StoryCubes to generate an NPC character for roleplaying.  This time I’ll use a 78 card tarot deck for each of the 9 items below.  I will go through each set of three elements and draw three cards.  With those three cards I’ll assign them to whichever element seems to work the best.  Once used, those cards will not be placed back in the deck.  For meanings  I’ll not only use the creative imagery of the card but also the “traditional” meaning of each of the cards as I know them.  (Important – credit where credit is due.  This set-up is not mine.  I found this as a post on Solo Nexus which I recommend you check out!)

Before we go ANY further, a personal note on tarot cards – I’ve had tarot decks in my life for several decades now.  I know them quite well.  I’ve collected a few decks and I enjoy not only the cards but their history.  Here’s the shocking statement.  Are you ready?

Tarot cards are pieces of cardboard.

They are wonderful tools to spark creativity and story creation.  When not drawing them for story and character creation they can also be handy in helping you look at a problem a little differently, changing the perspective a bit so you can see something you might have missed. Carrying a deck around with you will not get you struck by lightning or taken over by the Devil.   (From what I know of the cards chances are good it will be just the opposite.)  For this exercise I’m using a mini-deck of the Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck that I keep handy for gaming.

Alright, that’s out of the way.

I rolled the setting from a chart over on Solo Nexus and came up with Swashbuckling Fable.  I modified this a bit to be a “Swashbuckling Fairy Tale.”  Maybe something like Snow White meets The Three Musketeers?  (Post edit – this might be the start of something WAY too much fun…)


As before, I have no idea what kind of character/NPC  is going to show up until I draw the random elements.  That being said, Here we go!

Obvious NPC Story Elements Queen of Swords, Eight of Swords, The Empress
(Looks like this NPC will be a female character just because two of these are highly feminine cards.)


1. The NPC’s role in the world: discerned by clothes, demeanor, initial introduction, etc.
Queen of Swords – A learned swords woman, very skilled and experienced warrior.  She will most often be wearing armor or a standard guard uniform when seen out and around.  Her demeanor would be very too the point and, at first, terse.

2. The NPC’s current home or home-base: learned through initial introduction, casual conversation, etc.
Eight of Swords – This was left over because the other two fell into place so easily.  This one was tough at first.  Eight of swords can indicate capture, being blocked, etc.  For some reason I think of being captured or holding things at bay and I have to go with a city guard or a county marshal.  Someone with the power to lock people up. I think this woman is a captain of the guard.  This really doesn’t go along with the image of the card but it’s the first thing that jumped into my mind.  The other idea would be someone held hostage or held against her will but it doesn’t seem right.

3. The NPC’s signature/unique talent: learned through casual conversation, simple getting-to-know-you questions,  etc
The Empress – This is a bit harder to grasp but I think this just means that once past the initial outward appearance, the PC’s would find her to be very caring and endearing.  She would show that she deeply cares about the city and the people she protects daily.  A softer side would show itself fairly quickly if the PC’s got on her good side.

Personal NPC Story ElementsEight of Rods, Six of Rods, Three of Cups


4. The NPC’s special knowledge about others: requires a bit of trust, shared view of the world, things in common, etc.
Three of Cups – I decided to go with the image on the card a bit more.  I see three women not necessarily dancing or partying (which is typical for the 3 of Cups) but standing close and perhaps talking or even whispering.  With her Empress card above I’ll say she knows a fair amount of secrets and rumors around the city.  She is trusted by many and so they share information with her.

5. The NPC’s special item/tool/useful possession: requires a bit more trust, shared view of the world, things in common, etc.
Eight of Rods – This card usually stands for movement and travel.  I would say she has a special item that allows her to move very quickly around the city.  Perhaps a magic ring or her cloak with either teleportation or speed cast onto it?  (I had thought about a flying mount but that might not be “secret” enough?)  Regardless, she has the ability to be anywhere she needs to be VERY quickly.

6. The NPC’s ally/allegiance to a group or organization: requires the certainty that the PC is not an adversary to the ally or allied group.
Six of Rods – Usually means victory or a parade.  What struck me is the man and his red cape.  I ran with it.  The Scarlet Cloaks are the city guards and they work closely with the locals to maintain order and protection.  She is quite successful at what she does, has the respect of most of the city officials and is a house hold name to many that call the city home.

Intimate NPC Story ElementsThe High Priestess, Five of Cups, Two of Swords


7. A past experience that has shaped the NPC’s current self.
Five of cups – Despair.  Loss.   This character originally started as an orphan, a poor street waif that had to struggle and live in poverty after losing her parents to either an accident or a violence.  She was adopted in her pre-teens and as she neared adulthood she was given a chance to use her toughness and intelligence in the city guard.  This is what powers her drive to care for those less fortunate.  She has been there and understands.

8. A present situation that the NPC is embroiled in that could affect the PC directly or indirectly.
The High Priestess – She is currently investigating some rumors that indicate a local female mage or priest could be involved in criminal activity.  The card indicates that this woman would have significant power herself and so would need to be approached cautiously.

9. A future goal the NPC is hoping to attain…could the PC help?
Two of Swords – The captain is having to decide whether or not to pursue further investigation of the High Priestess character. She is torn over the woman’s innocence but is unable to investigate with her guards directly.  (Perhaps she has been ordered to “back down” by politicians in the city?)  She could possibly want the PC’s to check out the Priestess character and her operation a bit more closely.  Can the PC’s find out information that would help the captain decide to push forward or to ignore the High Priestess and her organization?

And, we’re done.  We have a Captain of the Scarlet Cloaks (or possibly higher rank) who is very good at her job but also takes a nurturing, caring stance as well.   She needs a name and, of course, stats for whatever system you would like to use.  One powerful NPC that could be a player character’s best friend or worst enemy.  Not someone to trifle with at the very least!

(Post edit – Ever since I started this post, I have to say that the idea of running a fairy tale swashbuckling game sounds pretty fantastic.  One of my goals for the gaming side of this blog is to run and document a solo sandbox game.  Maybe this is the genre that I’ve been looking for?  Also, I’m enjoying this process so much I think I’ll continue to do it at least once a month.  All NPC’s will be placed under the Category of NPC on the right hand column.  That way, over time, someone can check here if they need an NPC in a hurry!)

Story Cube NPC

Over on Solo Nexus, JF put together something fun which was to create an NPC for roleplaying with  random rolls of Rory’s Story Cubes.  For those non-gamers, an NPC is a non-player character which is a story character NOT played by one of the players.  For example, the bartender at the local bar, a city guard or a player character’s family member.


This should clear things up, right?

The story cubes are nine different dice that each have a different symbol on them.  The symbols and images are what you use to tell a story.  The idea is that the image on the die can be used in any way to spur an idea for the character.  By using the dice with three sets of three questions you are able to put together a random character for the player characters to encounter.  You could also do this for a player character or for a writing exercise.  You also don’t need Story Cubes.  You could do this with any sort of randomizer.  For instance, you could use Magic the Gathering cards, Tarot cards or even “Random page” on Wikipedia.

Directions: You roll three of the Story Cubes, one for each question in the sets below.  You can mix and match those three dice with any of the three questions.  Once you roll those three dice, you can’t use those particular dice again for the remainder of the exercise.  IE: grab another three for the next set of questions.  Easy, right?

I love this kind of creativity and decided to give it a go with my own set of dice.

It’s easier to first decide the setting of the game world.  For this run I’m going to create a NPC in a fantasy adventure setting.  I’m not sure how they will turn out but with a little tweaking I’m sure the NPC could fit into any setting.  A random 50/50 die roll tells me the character is a female.

The first set of questions —

Obvious NPC Story Elements

1. The NPC’s role in the world: discerned by clothes, demeanor, initial introduction, etc.
2. The NPC’s current home or home-base: learned through initial introduction, casual conversation, etc.
3. The NPC’s signature/unique talent: learned through casual conversation, simple getting-to-know-you questions, etc

Taking three dice I roll the symbols for a cane, a rainbow and a single die (dice).

1. Role in the World – Rainbow.  This character is particularly cheerful and pleasant most of the time.  The demeanor is not meant to be offensive or rude.  She is just a positive person with a happy, cheerful attitude.  Her clothing tends to be brightly colored and stylish.  Though not always carrying a smile she is almost always in a good mood.

2. Current home or home base – Cane.  (Here I decide to use the cane as a symbol for something older.)  This character lives in an older side of town known for its antique homes and architecture.  Whether they live in a well-to-do heritage house or an older run down antique home is not known.  She is known, however, as someone who comes from the “old” side of town.  This could indicate an old family lineage with some wealth or someone that was lucky enough to buy one of the older, run down homes.

3. Signature/Unique Talent — Dice.  This character can see the odds and gamble like nobody’s business.  She has an uncanny ability to be lucky for herself and others.  Of course, she’s also a gambler.  She knows how to play cards, dice games or any other wager that is designed to take your money.  She also knows how to look at a situation and weigh the odds successfully most of the time.  It’s her gift and a bit of a curse.

I’ve got a decent picture of her so far.  I’ll grab three more dice and give a roll for the second set of questions.  This time I get the Moon, a Fountain, and a Clock.


Personal NPC Story Elements

4. The NPC’s special knowledge about others: requires a bit of trust, shared view of the world, things in common, etc.
5. The NPC’s special item/tool/useful possession: requires a bit more trust, shared view of the world, things in common, etc.
6. The NPC’s ally/allegiance to a group or organization: requires the certainty that the PC is not an adversary to the ally or     allied group or shares their POV.

4. Special knowledge about others – Clock.  She has a very special knowledge about the timing of not only important people but important matters in the city.  Not only does she know the coming and goings of important officials to and from the casinos and taverns she frequents but she also seems to have an uncanny ability to know the progress and timing of events about to happen.

5. Special Item/Tool/Useful Possession – Fountain.  From living in the city or area for so long, she knows a great deal about the city/village itself and more importantly a secret network of tunnels that connect all the parks in the city.  This also works nicely with #6 below.

6. Ally/Allegiance to a group – Moon.  She is an ally with a group of female mages and witches that often come through the city called the Order of the Alabaster Moon.  Matter of fact, she is one of their agents and she reports to them what she can glean from her time around the taverns and casinos of the city (which, with her ability, tends to be quite a bit!)

Time for the final round of dice, Round Three! For this final roll I roll the last three Story Cubes and get… A Foot, Smiley Face, and Chaos Star.

Intimate NPC Story Elements

7. A past experience that has shaped the NPC’s current self.
8. A present situation that the NPC is embroiled in that could affect the PC directly or indirectly.
9. A future goal the NPC is hoping to attain…could the PC help?

7. Past Experience — Happy Face.  In the past she inherited her current home and resources from a relative.  It was a favorite uncle, aunt, grandparent who she loved dearly.  It is a great happiness and honor to her to own and care for the home and her place in the city.  Up until now, things have been very good for her.

8. Present Situation — Chaos Star.  Troubling and chaotic times have fallen on her.  She has lost connection to her sisters in the Order of the Alabaster Moon as well as hearing troubling news coming from the taverns and casinos of a new, thieves guild based gambling ring which wants to run out all contenders.  Chaotic times have appeared in her life.

9. Future goal — The Foot.   She would like to travel, perhaps to a far-away famous landmark or city.  Perhaps she could journey for a short time with the PC’s and help them with their luck?  Of course, before she could leave her home she would need to settle this problem with the thieves guild gambling ring and/or make connection to her Sisters again.  Perhaps she has a trip planned and the only thing standing in the way is her disconnection to her Sisters.  Surely the PC’s could help find out what is going on?

And, done.  What we have is a really good NPC which only needs a moderate amount of fleshing out to be done and perhaps given stats based on what system you would like to use.   Since it’s a fantasy setting we haven’t really chosen race or age yet.  You could do that with more random die rolls or just go with what feels right.

For instance, in this case, I would have to go with a human or, possibly, a half-elf.  Depending on her age she could become a love interest for a male PC or an adventuring pal for a fellow sister.  Perhaps one of the PC’s have a connection to or is one of the sisters of the Order of the Alabaster Moon and they need to contact this NPC regarding an issue or for information?

And to think, I don’t even have a name for her!

Any ideas?

Next up – Doing the same thing with nine tarot cards!