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New Youtube Channel

I wanted to make a quick post to let people know about my newest project.  I’ve decided to start a Youtube channel focusing on getting out into the woods and wild.  I call them my homemade adventures.  At the turn of the new year I decided I wanted to do something like this and so started thinking and planning as to what it would look like.  What did I want to cover?  What was the focus of the channel?

I knew I wanted to focus on my lifelong love of being in the woods.  I call it “getting in my dirt time.”  It keeps me sane.  “Shinrin-Yoku” or forest bathing as it is becoming to be known.

I  decided I would also focus on bushcraft, foraging, nature awareness and observation.  In addition, I couldn’t forget  my love of rock hounding, fossil collecting and getting out there and “finding something.”  I wanted to share those experiences with people.  As I practiced and tried out ideas I came to discover I just really, really enjoy making videos.

So, welcome to Yoteden Off Trail!  My plan is to have a video at least once a week at the minimum.   The first video is below and there is, most certainly, more to come!


A New Picture Snapper

I recently upgraded my phone. Is it sad that, as a photographer with no real camera, my main interest was about getting something with a good camera that was not just set to Automatic all the time?  I’ve been without my SLR for a year or so now and I miss it, especially the ability to use a good telephoto.

Regardless, a new phone was acquired and with it a pretty good little camera. The added bonus is I let go of my Windows phone and joined the Android ranks thus giving me access to a WordPress app that doesn’t suck.  I normally just post my shots to Instagram but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put them here as well more often. These are from a recent woodland wall yesterday afternoon in near perfect, October weather.  Enjoy!