All my gaming posts can be found over at my new gaming blog — Yote’s Gametime.

Any post below will eventually be removed and ported over to the new gaming site!

See ya over there!!!


Gaming Posts:

The Solo Sandbox! — This is a long series of posts where I take random elements, the Mythic GM emulator and create an entire gameworld and story from scratch.  Who knows how long this will go?!

I wrote a hack for the FU RPG.  It’s in three parts and posted here.  When I get it finally edited and into a PDF that link will be here as well!

Creating NPC’s – This is where I take random elements and create a generic NPC for use in a RPG setting.

Other game links of interest:

  • Writing and Gaming – Wherein I wander about and discuss the chicken-and-egg concept of gaming and writing in my life.
  • The Book of Namys (4 posts) (FU RPG, Cthulhu/Lovecraft/Horror) -Link takes you to the first post.
  • It Came from Friday (2 posts) This is how I built the above Book of Namys game using the Mythic GM Emulator. (Mythic GM EMulator, Fu, Lovecraft/Horror) – Link takes you to the first post. Second post not finished.



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