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Spun Around

I’ve been working towards an announcement here for some time.  The delay has been due to some hesitancy on my part and, quite honestly, a complete lack of solid writing time on all other parts involved.  Then, a magic combination happened, Labor Day weekend + receiving a nice note from WordPress thanking me for being here for 5 full years.  It got me to thinking and helped me to decide to finally, once and for all, write the post and, in doing so, add one more subject to this very random blog!

Alright.  Here we go.  I’m a spinner.  Sure, I spin stories but, well, in a gender-bender style twist, it would appear I also spin wool. (My friend whom I lovingly call Chair-Spinner will, no doubt, find this immensely entertaining.)

My fascination with the craft showed up over a year ago when I saw a historical reenactor doing so with turkish spindle at a local “frontier festival.”  Thinking my wife might enjoy something like this I showed her and we purchased a handmade spindle and some wool roving.  Taking it home it was looked at and then, I bet you see this coming, placed in a closet for the next year without being used.

Time passed and, at a gathering, I happened to watch another friend of mine using a drop spindle to ply together handspun yarn.  She seemed so peaceful and at ease as she worked.  I thought it looked incredibly meditative and asked her if it was.  She agreed and the seed was planted when she told me that you can find everything you need to learn on Youtube.  Over the next few day I dusted off the spindle, bought some wool at a yarn store (not even knowing that it was called roving) and set about trying to figure this damn stuff out.  Once I was able to get past the learning curve I found she was right.  It was calming, meditative.  I fell right in and now it’s a little over a year later.


I spin every day and I learn.  In the morning I  use it to think over my upcoming, always busy work day and in the evening it helps me settle down.  I have skeins of spun yarn starting to fill up a storage bin and I have piles of roving ready to spin. I have two-plied yarn wrapped around a homemade knitty-knotty and I have dye pots sitting on the back porch.

Wait.  What? Dye pots?

Yeah, this is where I admit that because of all this handspinning business I’ve combined it with my love of wilderness foraging and bushcraft.  (In gamer speak, I’m pretty sure, even though I’ve not figured out how to turn into a bear, I’m a multi-classed Ranger/Druid.)   What all this means is that I forage for items that make good natural dyes and then dye my own handspun wool.  Currently, I’ve just begun harvesting the local pokeberries so as to make a nice purple/burgundy set of yarn for my wife.


Brewing up some Goldenrod. More on that soon.

So, yeah, I’m a spinner.  The good news (or maybe the bad news, you decide) is that I’m going to be talking a lot more about all of the above here.  I won’t be talking about the spinning as much as the process of making dyes, the experiments and the results.  In short, I’ll be using the blog as a journal of sorts.  And, yes, I’ll be keeping everything under appropriate categories and tags.

I wouldn’t want to mix my geekery with my fabric craft now would I?



Of course not.