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It Came From Friday, Part One

I decided that before I would run the larger family game with FU that it might be a good idea to run a smaller play test.  I didn’t have to wait long for an opportunity to present itself.  My middle son is having a friend over to spend the night tomorrow.  They’ve been pestering me to run a game for them for some time.  We decided the friend would make the call as to what genre we played in and the question was asked at school.  The result, which I just got last night (Wednesday night) was … drumroll….. Cthulhu horror!!!   (Can you hear the little celebratory marching band of eldritch horrors in my heart?)

Not only am I playtesting FU, I am also playtesting another brilliant system I’ve used for some time now.  It’s a very cleverly crafted system of random events and cues to spark your creativity.  The system is called Mythic and it’s designed to be a way to run a game without a GM (gamemaster.)  Inconceivable!  Not only can it do that it can also be used to help you design an adventure module, pull together a story plot and, dare I say it, do some solitaire gaming.  (That just sounds dirty to type it out.)  A second book in the series, Mythic Variations, actually gives some great guidelines on how to use it to outline an adventure.  And that is what we are doing!

So, I have a little over twenty four hours to come up with a one shot Cthulhu game.  Scratch that.  I have a ton of other things on my plate so I only have a handful of hours to come up with a one shot Cthulhu game.  Cue some dramatic music and lets get to it!

Below I’m going to do something I’ve never really posted before.  I’ll be offering up the adventure design process using the Mythic system as well as my raw notes and commentary as we go along  What is below is pretty much the raw .txt file I used to jot things on the fly.  (During the day today I spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices since my wife needed to have several appointments.  Being in a fender bender will do that to you.  This resulted in my waiting around in said doctor’s office and writing this up!)

I’m not going to spend much if any time going  into Myth and explaining how it all works.  Additional comments will be in italics.   I’ll be glad to answer questions in the comments.  Once I get it done I’ll let you know how Friday goes with the official FU playtest!

Cue some spooky music and let’s get down to it.

Warning – This is a LONG post that I’ve decided to serialize due to it’s length.  It doesn’t even have pictures!  Go get a beverage of your choice and I’ll meet you back here.  Click on the “read more” to descend into the madness.

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