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Full Swing Summer

BlueI never like it when I turn around and several weeks have disappeared.  It means I’m out of touch, not grounded.  Days go by in a swirl of family, work and personal quests.  It’s like a magic trick that seems to happen from time to time.  I turn around and “poof!”, it’s August!

Looking back at the blog and the preponderance of gaming posts it would seem I’m headed towards a gaming-only blog.  I hope to correct that with this and some future posts.  Gaming was never intended to be the only thing I write about here. Summer is in full swing here at the den and the curious thing is that gaming is the LEAST of what I’m doing these days.  (Well, except for some awesome sessions of X-COM thanks to a generous friend and the Steam Summer sale! ) What irritates me a bit with my own fool self is that Nature, it’s beauty, our connection to it, and what we can use and bring into our lives from it, is a very large part of my life.  Yet I find, looking back at the blog, I’ve written so little about those subjects.

I’m not really sure why that happens.  Perhaps it’s because I carry some preconception that I’m “busy” and that gaming is “easy” to write and my nature writing needs to be “deep” and “meaningful?”  I’m not quite sure.  I’ll figure it out one day but till then, let’s talk about Nature and see what happens?

I look back to the days of yore.  When the wee, young Yote gallivanted through the rolling ridges and woodlands, rambled through creeks looking for crystals, fossils and artifacts and honed his fly fishing skills against the finest bluegill and bass minds to be found.  (Ok, so that was just last week but, well, you get the idea…)  During those days there were always 4 to 6 weeks that were miserable; the hot, humid and nasty days of late July and August.  The days where, even inside, all the paper gets a bit damp from humidity and the nights are spent with only a thin sheet to cover you.  Those days when sometimes three showers and a hose down were just not enough to keep cool.  Late Summer in Indiana when the time in the great outdoors is reserved for the cool morning and the long evening hours.  When, during the scorching, middle day hours, you always have  water handy and constantly seek relief from the nearest shade or shadow from the sun.  You remember those days around here?  And, to add to it, the last few years have been particularly grueling with high heat waves and scorching drought.  Do you remember this time last year?  It was brown.  Life was brown.

Everything was brown and the world crunched when you walked on it.

And then, we have this year.

MorningGloryThis year has been an anomaly which I’ve not seen the likes of since, well, ever!  The nights are cool.  The days are staying, at the most, in the high 80’s.  The rain has been steady.  Our garden has not needed watering once since we planted in late May and June.  The flowers and the green have been startling in their brilliance.  I swear, there is a house on the way into town, it has a flower garden right near the road.  I’m amazed there’s not been more wrecks there this year.  The amount of color exploding outward is a massive distraction.  Seriously, someone needs to call the city or something.  They should put up a sign, “Caution.  Distracting Color Ahead.”


LunaMothThere have been mornings when I get up to walk the puppy and I think I’ve been transported to my favorite summer vacation location, Upper Michigan.  Fishing along the shores of nearby Lake Monroe one recent morning, I had an honest-to-God flashback.  One moment I’m casting into a small swirl on the water’s surface and the next I’m standing on the shores of Lake Superior wondering if I should be looking over my shoulder for black bears.  (For the record, we need bears back in Indiana.  It would be awesome!   I’m serious.)

And what’s up with the weather?  I’m seriously missing my quality time hunkering down in a basement and listening to storm sirens.  The storms, when they have arrived, have been perfect.  Full of rain, thunder, lightning, and very little in the way of destruction and chaos.  I’ve fallen asleep twice this summer to the rumbling, far off artillery sounds of heavy thunderstorms.  TWICE!  And without a siren to be heard…

JulyCloudsOh yeah, another question, who ever heard of going back inside to get an over-shirt for a morning walk in late July in Southern Indiana because you are “chilly?”  That word doesn’t exist in Southern Indiana in late Summer.  I looked it up.  It says so in the manual.

Final evaluation?

This summer has been beautiful.  Drop down, million dollar, super star, deluxe model, limited edition gorgeous.

I guess it sort of explains where the past few weeks have gone, eh?