Finishing a Goal. Or… “I Made A Thing!”

0408161600aI just wanted to boost the signal from my game blog.  I was able to finally accomplish the goal of getting my roleplaying game rules finished.   The rules are called the Chronicles RPG Core Set. They’re focused on a more narrative style of play with only a moderate crunch in terms of modifiers and numbers.  I’ll be putting up all sorts of examples over the weeks to come as well as adventures, etc.
So, if you are into that sort of thing and would like to know more, head on over to Yoteden’s Gametime and grab yourself a copy of the rules.  They’re free and remain that way for as long as I have anything to say about it!

The Chronicles RPG Core Rules

Thanks and more to come soon!



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  1. Tom "El Presidente" Wilson

    Hey Bry!
    I read the Chronicles RPG Core Rules and it looks AWESOME! I think using this system may be a way to help those of us less dramatic players develop some flair, like the way Mike “Turbo” Underwood would describe his wonderfully detailed heroic ninja actions, during play. I gave my hard-copy of the rule set to Jared to read last night. I think he’ll dig it too. If it’s okay, I’d like to share Chronicles with some of the gamers I work with at the College. I think any gamer that loves a story-driven game will love this system. Thanks for working so hard on it. And, please give my heroine a big hug for me. 🙂 You guys ROCK!!!

    • Huzzah! That’s great to hear! There are a bunch of examples coming up on the game blog and if you have questions just ask! There are even rumblings of me running a few games here and there for folks who are interested. ;D And yes, please share this with gamer friends. It’s meant to be free and shared! 😀

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