As The Muse Commands

I’m not sure why I’m writing this.

My muse has been quite certain about the fact I’m supposed to write something here and has been very annoyed I’ve not been listening.  You can tell your muse is annoyed when the idea she’s sent you becomes a constant, nagging and repetitive thought in your mind no matter how much you try to ignore it.  Matter of fact, the more you ignore it, the worse it gets!  At this point, I’m only really writing this in the hopes of getting some sleep.  (Don’t tell my muse!)

Since the Fall of last year I’ve been a bit uncertain about blogging.  My gaming blog suffered a similar fate.  I actually thought I might just stop blogging altogether.  My muse doesn’t appear to like that idea at all and she began to perpetually whisper in my ear her singular thoughts on the matter.  She thinks blogging is good for me.  It’s healthy and, I dare say, possibly entertaining to others.  And, she’s right.  Writing and blogging is very good for me.  I’m not sure yet what it fulfills for me but I always feel better afterwards yet, for some reason, I keep stumbling away from it.  (I’m not so sure about the entertaining for others.)

archerSo, here I am.  I showed up.  I’m typing, I’m writing and I have no idea what might happen next.  What happens next?  Do I ramble on about the changes I want to make?  I’ve done that before.


Maybe I list the things I want to focus on like our connection to Nature, bushcrafting in the woods, flora and fauna?  Wood carving anyone?  Maybe do some burpees and talk fitness?  Do I then confuse folks further and talk about my need for organization and bullet journals?

What about my first and true love of writing and story-crafting, about tall tales and scripting fictional lies?  Oh, wait, why don’t I tell a true story about my childhood and about the one time I ran from a snake nest while exploring an abandoned copper mine? What about handwriting, sketching, art and doodling?  Maybe twist things up by talking about fiber art and wool spinning by hand?

I could wander in a different direction and talk about audio theater and voice acting?  Maybe just throw in some random pictures because I grew up with a camera in my hand as a third generation photographer?

Let’s really dig in and talk about depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and coming out the other side?

Or, why don’t I do all of it?  Right here.  No filter.  Just put it out there to have it out there and to have it all in one spot?

Yes.  I think that’s it.  It’s actually the plan.  This is the full deal I’ve made with my muse and she’s guiding my hands, my fingers even now.  The deal?  I’ll post whatever strikes me and I’ll do so without any guilt or second guessing and I will continue to do it for one year.  Everything except gaming and game design which is, thankfully, over on another blog in it’s own fenced-in corner.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep the gate locked.

All of this makes no sense whatsoever but the fact it doesn’t make sense does make an odd bit of sense to ME.

curves-ahead-sign-225x300It’s a coyote thing.  Or, maybe, its a 49 going on 50 thing?

Most likely, it’s both.

If you want to get off the ride this is your last chance.  Consider it a warning that the brakes will be coming off, a sign on the shoulder of the road stating, “Wacky Curves Ahead.”

If you’re sticking around you might get confused or you might love it.

Regardless, I doubt you’ll be bored.

Who’s with me?




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  1. Coyote-Who-Sees, few things make sense when we first consider them. And, some things never do. As I sit in the shadows and observe all things, I find that it’s not necessary that things make sense. All that’s necessary, is to listen to your muse and consider her words carefully. She is very seldom mistaken. Also, it seems to me that you are indeed on the path of a true human being. I observe that you continually strive to improve yourself and support the ones you love, on their path. That, my good friend, is the entire purpose for which we are intended. Continue as you are, on this path and you need not fret about success in anything. It will most certainly find you.
    Big Hugs to both you and my heroine!!!
    -el presidente

    • Tom, it is so good to hear from you and I am honored by your words. Thank you. We really do need to figure out a way to hang out more and maybe even get in some trail time! That would be a Good Thing.

  2. I understand completely, having sufferes the same struggles.

    • Thanks, Mark! When there is so much to write about and do it’s difficult to find a path. One step at a time, I suppose?

      • Agreed! Despite the fact that I am currently unencumbered by female entanglement, my social calendar is surprisingly empty. Whenever you intend a small jaunt that you don’t mind being slowed by an old geezer, my walking staff and haversack are at the ready. 🙂

      • FANTASTIC!

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