More Than Just Working Out

I decided to move ahead and do a light run on Monday.  With the family schedule getting jam-packed with the Otter Wife’s own training and schedule, I was unable to run until about two hours after dinner.  I’m glad I did because I was treated to an amazing sunset and some lovely evening weather.  It was a perfect time to be out!


Tuesday morning, I woke up from sleeping on my right side and the soreness in my right hip had returned.  As the day rolled forward the stiffness stuck around.  It’s about a 3 on a 1-10 and more an annoyance than anything.  I made sure to get up from my desk at work about every 45 minutes to walk it out.  Luckily, Tuesday was a rest day and after forcing myself out to do something Monday I gladly kicked my feet up and chilled out last night.

As the family scrambled for coffee, breakfast and prep for the work day, a topic of discussion came up.  Maybe it goes without saying but my middle son is starting a workout/weight loss program for the first time.  A lot of this is new to him.  Getting healthy, and I mean going the whole route of exercise, diet and habit changes, requires a change of focus.  It  is so much more than just “working out.”

I think this is, ultimately, what bounces people off the path of getting fit.  It’s not the workout.  It’s everything else that comes along with it and what you have to sacrifice to do it!  If all I had to do was workout 45 minutes five days a week to be healthy, so what?  A little soreness, yeah.   A little exhaustion, alright.

However, in order to do it right, it’s much more.  You have to change your diet and your habits.  If at all possible, you need to shop mindfully as well as make your own meals.  This also includes lunch at work.  This takes time.  You also have to clean up after your cooking.  This takes time.  In the summer even a short thirty minute workout can drench me in sweat which tacks on a shower and clothing change to my day, sometimes twice a day if it’s bad outside.  That’s more time added.   In no time, that simple idea of a 45 minute workout can turn into almost 2 extra hours.  Now, you’re talking close to 10+ or more hours a week.  When you tack this onto a work day that often stretches to 9 or 10 hours (with prep for the day and travel and errands to and from), a need to get at least 7-8 hours sleep, and, well, you can see where this is going.

It’s not the workout.  The real discipline comes with all the things surrounding the workout.  That’s where the sacrifice comes in and can be tough to match if you have young kids or are, for instance, working two jobs.  It’s also a challenge if you are just in an entirely different life pattern or in a different habit of what you eat.  No more quick stops at the fast food joints!  Instead, it’s time in the grocery store, time in the kitchen, time in the gym.   You also cannot forget that buying solid, healthy food is more expensive.  Now, you have a time sink AND a money sink.

Sure, the number of push-ups, squats and miles running help strengthen you but it’s the recognition of the need to change habits, your thought patterns, and making sacrifices to them that get you moving in the right direction!

Today is my first big workout since the weekend.   The weather looks to be perfect and I am thinking of going to a nearby woods and lake to do it.  Give me that over a gym any day.

Is it weird I’m actually looking forward to it?



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  1. The weather today is PERFECT. Enjoy it!

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