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I appear to be right on the edge of over-training.  I pumped through a great workout yesterday.  My left knee was bothering me a bit but it seemed to ease up ten minutes into the workout.  Several exercises, in particular the planks and bear crawls, I did to complete, muscle quivering exhaustion.  At the end, I found myself lying on my back, on the concrete, in the hot weekend sun with sweat pouring off of me and, oddly enough, feeling tired but good.  It took about fifteen minutes to get cooled down and after some food I started to feel much better.  In that time I stretched and eased myself down.  A few hours later I bent over to grab some clothes off the floor and felt what I thought was the beginning of a cramp in my lower back and hip.  It was just a light ping and I even laughed about it as I stopped, laid down and stretched it out.  No more than a 2 on the 1 – 10 scale.

An hour later some serious stiffness was starting to develop and it was going into the range of a 5.  I stretched some more and walked it out.  Ibuprofen helped.  This morning, it was not too bad.  A minor tightness that could very well feel better by this evening.  However, something else happened this morning or, I should say, didn’t happen.  Usually in the mornings I wake up and after a small bit I feel pretty good.  Since working out I usually feel pretty strong and confident in the morning.  I can feel the muscles and the sense of solidity.  This morning that feeling never showed up.  I felt weak and just kind of “blah.”   I know what that means and  I could almost hear the warning klaxon going off in my head.

During my high school years on the basketball team, I suffered a lot of injuries and exhaustion.  I remember nights where I lay in my room with aching joint pain unable to sleep or awoke at 3 in the morning with severe cramping.  At the time I thought it was just me and, I realize now, it caused some self-esteem issues.  I learned, in my college years after a sports physiology class and some martial arts, that as a fast growing 6’8″ basketball player, I had been over-trained and mis-trained by the coaching staff.  I had been growing too fast and some of the exercises they put us through, while fine for a normally growing teenager, were actually doing damage to my joints and body.  Hence, the injuries and exhaustion.  This got brought home to me this weekend during my high school reunion.  I was able to see some pics of me from the basketball team.  I also got to see pics of me on the junior high team.  I was surprised to see that in Junior High I had the initial beginnings of bulk and muscle.  When I looked at the later High School pics I was surprised to see myself as I remembered from that time, thin, stringy and no bulk.

Taken during a run.  Small plants growing in muddy tire ruts in a parking lot.  Tenacity and Zen rolled into one.

Taken during a run. Small plants growing in muddy tire ruts in a parking lot. Tenacity and Zen rolled into one.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  The question going through my head this morning is, “Do I push through a running day today, taking it easy, or do I go ahead and just take two days off for recovery?”   I would not call my hip “injured” at all.  The thought of calling it such makes me chuckle.  It’s just stiff.  It seems to warm up and do better through movement.  However, on a more general level, am I pushing myself too hard?  As much as I hate it I do need to be respectful of my age and my current level of conditioning.

I’m going to chew on it through the day and gauge the stiffness throughout the day.  An injury will piss me off more than I can describe right now.  At the same time, I don’t want to shy away from the hard work of simply stretching out a kinked muscle.  Depending on how I feel this evening it may or may not be Go Time.

I’ll keep you posted.

I also welcome any thoughts or bits of information on the matter!

Quick Edit — Since my muscle issue faded through the day, I did decide to do a workout today.  I did modify it into a light run.  It was perfect.  Afterwards, I felt good and was treated to an awesome sunset to boot!



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  1. What about resting today and working out tomorrow (instead of resting)?
    Or what about doing a light work-out today, not pushing too hard but keeping some momentum?

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