Pushing Through

The first week of my Spartan workout is done and down.  Due to several factors including an intense work week and high heat with humidity, I was NOT up for the workout.  When Otter Wife asked after work if I wanted to go see Mr. Holmes (which I want to do very much) I replied, “I’ve got to do this workout first and I’m afraid if I wait till after the movie I just won’t do it.”  She replied, “Then you better go do your workout!”

This was the first time on this path I did not want to do it.  I was sore.  I was tired.  Inspiration was low.  It was humid and hot outside.  My energy, even after a quick and healthy snack, was near zero.  I knew the one thing that would get me going would be music so I strapped those shoes on my feet, got a bit of pre-workout water in me and powered up my phone’s Pandora station.

Five minutes of jogging for warmup and then squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, bear crawls and downward dogs for me!  Because I was wiped out, I opted for our apartment’s indoor facility and the treadmill.  However, once down there, my phone’s signal died for some reason (never had happened before) and I lost the safety net of my music.  Nooooooooo!  I looked around the Friday evening empty gym and decided it would not do.  I did the jog outside.  My knees were stiff, legs hurt and after two minutes in the heat I was already sweating.  What did I do?  I pushed through it.  Trust me, I was no epic image of running but I was moving.  A thunderstorm was rolling in to the north part of the county and I wished I could coax it, reach out to that dark gray cloud wall and pull it toward me.  I love running in thunderstorms.  The storm ignored me however and stayed away, deciding to taunt me for the rest of the evening with the occasional, slightly less than hellish wind gust.

With warm-up done, I headed back down into the other side of the gym for the calisthenics.  My shoulders and legs were still stiff but not as bad.  The gym continued to be empty.  I would be working alone.  Right as I got started, my music signal that had done an excellent job of boosting me through the running, cut out.  Once again, the signal was gone.  I fiddled with it but realized I was just distracting myself.   The only way I would get my music would be to go back outside.  I wanted that music but I really didn’t want the heat.  I was already zapped and the heat was not going to help.

“Screw it,” and I headed outside to be with my music and the heat.  It wasn’t until after the first full set of exercises that I started to feel some welcome endorphins.  By the second set, with sweat dripping into my eyes, the stiffness left but I was slowing down.  By the third set, I had perfectly arrived at complete muscle exhaustion and I learned a valuable lesson.

It’s not a good idea to push to muscle exhaustion while doing a plank on concrete.

I walked home a soggy, exhausted, tapped out mess.  Yet, as you may have guessed, I was smiling and happy.  I’d not given up and I’d not taken the easy road.  There is a positive feeling you get when you overcome those thoughts and emotions that might have kept you inside and away from discomfort.  It helps get you back on track and ready for the next day and the next and the next.

Yes, I had totally used my music as a crutch to get there.  It’s something I will need to work on in weeks to come.  For now,as I ramp up to my goals, it’s what I need.  There will come a time soon enough I’ll put the crutch aside and see how I do.

OnThePorchAs if it knew I was done, the storm I had hoped for finally arrived.  After cooling down, I went out to my front steps.  I sat there drinking it in, wiped out but happy.

This morning, as I write this, we are looking at a heat index of 105.   Today is a running day.   I really don’t want to run this morning.  I wanted to relax, write, enjoy my morning and then get the run in the evening.  Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  I’ve got to go now.

As I was told a long time ago, “and that’s what separates the children from the adults.”

Apologies for any editing errors above, I’m kind of rushed.

Wish me luck!




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