What Are You Going To Do With It? Part Two

— Read Part One Here —

As I was working on Part One, a friend posted a picture of himself online.  He was splashed with mud and jumping over a fire at the end of one of those obstacle course runs.  “Oh,” I said to myself, “I remember wanting to do those!”  I thought about it for a minute and I kid you not that same damn question, just slightly changed, popped into my head

“What are you going to do about it?”

I send him a PM and started talking to him about the race.  I got more information.  I found out there was one more near me in September.  I started researching and thinking about it.  I wanted to do it.  That night, I spoke to the Otter Wife about it.  “Hey,” she said, “that’s why we have insurance.  Go for it.”

It was about 24 hours later when the demons showed up.  They chittered at me through the work day.  “What about your shoulder?  How will you climb a wall or a rope?”

“What if you fall and take a head shot?” (See Part One about my issue with concussions.)

“If you blow a knee it’ll be game over.”

Fear is healthy.  During training with a police officer on crisis resolution I learned that fear keeps you alive.  If something is telling you to be careful in an intense interaction you should listen.   If your intuition is buzzing then take heed.  However, you cannot let fear paralyze you.  So, with my new found love of meditation and Mr. Tolle, I took the demon voices with me into meditation.

You could say we had a lovely chat.

I would be an idiot to ignore their warnings.  If I wasn’t ready for the obstacle race then, yes, I could easily be placing myself in harm’s way.  That would be stupid.  However, I could train all day long and still, due to chance, suffer a setback.  Was I going to let that stop me?  Of course not.  Was I going to run into this like a Mountain Dew buzzed 18 year old?  Of course not.  So, my demons and I, we came to an accord.

I would start training.  I had eight weeks.  We would see how it would go and how things progressed.  I would not hold back and during this time they would shut the hell up.  At the end of eight weeks I would reassess the situation and determine if I was ready.  If not, I would continue to train until the next race season opened next year.  One thing was made perfectly clear.  Sometime, before the end of next year, I was running at least one obstacle course race  AND they could continue to shut the hell up.

I found a good workout calendar on the Spartan Race website.  The Spartan Race itself seems a bit long and intense for me right now but their website is good and they have solid training articles.  It seemed to match up the best with me and what I want.  I don’t want to just be in a gym or on a treadmill.  (I  know I will be eventually.)  I wanted to do exercises that mattered for an obstacle race, that would protect me from injury.  Body mechanics and reps of exercises I could do in the grass or in the mud.  I like to get my hands dirty when I’m working out.  Run a bit of trail and do some burbees in the mud by the lake?  Perfect!


So, friends, that is my trajectory.  I am training nearly every day in some form with the first goal, of course, fitness and a little bulk.  The second goal is  attending and getting through an obstacle race sometime in the next year.  The third goal I’ll be talking about in Part Three.

I’ll be making updates and posts here about my progress and about my journey.  This will be my forum.

I’m looking forward to getting muddy.


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