Firehouse Follies : Radio Sounds

Follies_RadioSoundsIt’s the morning after the show and I’m beat!  During the cast pizza party afterwards I turned to my wife and said, “Man, I’m glad it’s Memorial Day tomorrow.”  She agreed.  It’s odd how some shows can take it out of you.  You have no way of really knowing how much mental energy your expending in rehearsals and going over lines.  I guess the better way to say all of the above is you have no way of knowing when your brain is sweating.  You’re just suddenly drained and tired.

The show, from this side of the microphone, seemed solid.  The overall word used by the cast I talked to afterwards was “consistent.”  I would have to agree.  It just flowed along, from music, to skit, to special guest and then back to a skit.  Joel Mabius was fantastic.  His song called “Touch the Wall” about Vietnam and the memorial was extremely powerful.  On the other side of things, “Poison in the glass” was hilarious.  When checking in with my teenage girl after the show (she had stayed home with her brother to watch Oberon) she was practically begging me to buy the album to have that particular track.

Every one from the actors to the musicians came out with their best stuff.  This show in particular, due to the demands of our sound effects Genius Tony Brewer, was a bit more demanding.  What I noticed though was that this crew is becoming so fluid we didn’t even realize it was a challenge!  Like I said, consistent.

My wife and I were able to be in a skit together where we played Bonnie and Clyde.  It could have been called “Bonnie and Clyde: The Elder Years.”  I LOVE being able to act with my wife on stage and her version of an older Bonnie was spot on.  The only problem I had with the skit was that I was having so much fun it was over before I knew it.

My other large part was a purposeful over-the-top rendition of  Shakespeare.  It was part of the river boat vacation skit.  I think I worked on it harder than I did the Bonnie and Clyde skit.  The most memorable part for me regarding it was audio theatre guru Richard Fish, the director, coming up to me after I’d performed it for the cue-to-cue.

“It’s good.  Just remember though, we’re going down a river in a boat and we’re expecting YOU to go overboard.”

I wrote it on my script so I wouldn’t forget.  I underlined “overboard.”

Speaking of forgetting something.  I took several pics of the rehearsal before the show but I forgot the SD card.  So, since I don’t seem to have a working data cord to retrieve them, the pics are stuck in the camera’s internal memory.  If I manage to find some sort of digital lever to get them out out, I’ll post them up.  It’s frustrating too because there are some good ones in there.

In case you missed the show, the link for the full show will be up sometime in the near future.  I’ll make sure to post it here so you can have the chance to download it and listen to it.

The next show will be on September 8th so save the date!


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