Back to the Radio

I mentioned this nearly a year ago in the post “Old Dreams Uncovered” where I wrote about my long standing love with audio theatre.  Though I’ve not mentioned it here I’ve been quite fortunate to be able to keep that love alive by working every three months or so with an amazing group of people here in my home town of Bloomington, Indiana.

Today, after doing the typical Oberon morning routine and then dealing with two extra adolescent girls who are sleeping over with my daughter as part of an end-of-school/birthday celebration, the wife and I are off to the radio studio.  How ever unwise the decision may have been on the part of the director and writers, we have been asked, once again, to be a part of the Unusual Suspects radio acting troupe which performs live as part of the Firehouse Follies on the community radio station WFHB. 

We’re headed in for our second script reading and “fine tuning” before the day of tech rehearsal and then performance which is tomorrow.  We were handed the scripts for the first time on Wednesday night and did our initial read.  We’ll put some retouches on the script today and then tomorrow we hammer it home before doors open at 3:30 P.M. for our live audience.  This time around I’m double excited as my wife and I are in a skit together as a couple.  Oh, the typecasting!  That’s all I can say for now as I wouldn’t want to throw out any spoilers.

If possible I’ll post some behind the scenes pics and a wrap up after the show.

Speaking of the show, as long as you have internet it doesn’t matter where you are in the world if you would like to give it a listen.  Just go to the WFHB link and click “Live Stream”  (Choose whether you want High or Low.)  Our show goes on live at 4:00 PM EDT or 11:00 GMT if you want to be fancy.  The show lasts 2 hours and features great live musical guests, storytelling, and, of course, the audio theatre skits.  I’ve been told that if you’re a fan of the Prairie Home Companion or old time radio shows in general then you’ll have a good time.

If nothing else, click on that link and give one of the best community radio stations in the country a listen.  You might just like what you hear!


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