On My Mind – Giving It Back

I work in a job that takes a lot out of me during the week.  Fortunately, I don’t mind because it’s my way of giving back for all the awesome I have in my life right now.  I think it’s important to give back.  Honestly, it’s not just important, it’s crucial.  It completes a powerful circuit, a circuit that once you touch it there’s a realization that it’s as important as water, food and breathing.   A circuit that, in turn, gives back to you.  “Giving back” or “Paying it forward” to me is THE perpetual motion machine that our society has been striving to find.

However, as I instruct the people I work with during my work week, there’s a trick to it.  You can’t give back with the intention of the machine actually working.  You can’t hand someone a ten dollar bill and then think to yourself,  “I can’t wait to see what I get back for doing this!”  It’s not going to happen because, you see, it just doesn’t work that way.  The reasoning is wrong.  The source of the thought comes from a flawed place and it’s simple selfishness.  You have to give that ten dollar bill, that hour, that dinner, that surprise to the person behind you in the drive-thru line with no thought whatever of getting anything from it.  You have to do it because you know it’s a good thing to do.

You have to do it and then forget it ever happened.

Ultimately, it’s not about the material and it’s not about religion.  You can share a laugh, a smile, a hug or a simple hand on someone’s shoulder.  It can be about putting your shit to the side for just a few minutes to let a beleaguered cashier  know you sincerely want them to have a good or, at least, a better day.  THIS is what makes us human.

I was about to craft a post about my FU hacks and my recovery from the flu monsters of woe.  This idea of give back was on my mind and as I started to write it just sort of took over.  It was on my mind because I was thinking about how I wanted to do something through this blog.  I have other plans for my creativity and money making and it doesn’t involve this blog.  I want this blog to be my form of give back.

I’m thinking of gaming but I’m also thinking about nature observation, survival skills, etc.  However, I’m good at gaming and game design and it’s on my mind right now.  I’ve done it for a very long time and it really is a passion of mine.  I want to get my FU hacks done and my solo campaign going because I want to offer it out there for free.   I’d like to show someone how it’s possible to entertain yourself or just come up with a good story that you might want to write later.  If a game world gets built here then it will be free for anyone to use.  How cool would that be to have a living, breathing game world here built from the foundation of giving back?  I, personally,  think it would be pretty cool.

If nothing else the posts here will hopefully be entertaining and that, by itself, is a form of give back.


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