Consider This Fair Warning – Thar’ Be Games Here.

SnowMorningThe snow came down here just in time for Winter Solstice and after a complex combination of events, I ended up stranded for the day.  Not only did this give me the chance to clean up my desk, torment my children who were home from school due to the winter storm, feed the starving birds, do laundry and maybe, just maybe, do some computer gaming, it also let me get this post written!  So, thank you Jack Frost for the snow day.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing some thinking about what I want to do here.  I still want to write “life posts” about parenting, carrying happiness, nature, history and the overall adventure of life.  However, one thing that has come up repeatedly since about October for me is my love of gaming.  Not just normal RPG play but a fondness for solo RPG play using systems like Mythic, FU RPG and others.  Being that my schedule is that of a parent with a full time job, my chance at actually getting together with a gaming group is sporadic at best.  So, some solitaire is the way to go.  (keep the immature comments to yourself, please.)  One of the facets of solo play is taking random elements and pushing your creativity to “make it fit” into the story you have going.  It’s a great exercise for creativity and writing.  I’ve been having a blast with it and I think it’s only fair to give warning that the “Let’s Play” content of this blog is liable to skyrocket over the next few weeks and months.

Since late October I’ve been discovering others who, like me, can’t get to a regular game group and also enjoy solitaire gaming.   Yes, there are “others.”  I found two great blog sites for solo gaming and though I was doing some solo wargaming in the 1980’s, I’m pretty sure I have them to blame for the modern incarnation.

Two great sites stand out, Solo Nexus and Risus Monkey.  Solo Nexus has some great posts and I recommend you give it a read if you’re interested in this sort of foolishness.   In particular THIS one – “Why solo? To Maximize Creativity.”    You’ll be hearing more about this site in the near future since the author  foolishly fell into my trap of letting me test out new edits of his game called 9Q’s (or 9 Questions.)  *cue villainous laughter here*

Coming up, sooner than you may like or think, I’ll be posting a whole slew of gaming related posts to help illustrate why I think this is so damn fun.  Will this blog turn into nothing but a “gamer’s blog?”  I suppose it’s a possibility but I doubt it.  Instead, consider this a life blog run by a gamer.   If you have aversions to hearing about dice rolling, odd stories and silly adventures than I suppose you should probably bail right now.  My ultimate goal is to entertain, educate and, hopefully, inspire you to do your own creativity and your own stories.


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