More Videos and Heat

It’s been a week or so since the NATF but I took the time to edit together two more vids of my experience during the week.  The first one is just a hodge-podge of silliness and fun, little pieces I did here and there.  The second is the hiking trip I was able to take to Greer Springs on the final day of my visit there.  I may have one more vid of the trip home which I’ll subject you to once I get the time to piece it together and upload it.

Here at home, the heat wave continues.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen these kind of temperatures this early in the season.  There’s been heatwaves that crest 100 degrees but its typically been in August, definitely never in late June and early July.  I’ve been setting out small trays of water on the edge of the treeline for the birds and critters.  Most mornings I wake up to empty trays so something is drinking from it.

A story on NPR’s Weekend Edition put things in perspective for me this morning.  It features interviews with survivors of the great Texas drought where it did not rain for seven years.  SEVEN years!  1950- 1957.  Trying to picture going without rain for seven years makes my brain lock-up.  Around here this will be the third year of a dry and hot summer and even though the grass crackles under your feet we can still, hopefully, look forward to rain sometime down the road.  The stories from the feature are well worth reading about and if you get the chance listen to the story as well.

We’ve been told the heat is supposed to break starting tomorrow and we should see high 80’s in a few days.  Pop-up thunderstorms have been breaking out all around the county but we’ve yet to see anything on our front porch.  Since I’m a cold weather person I can’t believe I’m actually excited about temperatures in the high 80’s!   At this point, I’ll take whatever we can get and a few inches of rain.

I’ll believe it when I feel it.

Anyway, here are those vids.  Enjoy!


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  1. The heat broke here today and it’s been glorious. 85 degrees felt downright comfortable. We were suffering without a/c, too; even on the island, where usually you get a good cool breeze off the lake, it was miserable. But the lake has been nice and warm! It’s like bathwater. I think it got up to 88 degrees one day – not too shabby for a large, 90′ deep lake in Wisconsin!

    • Is that the lake with the weird stone structure in it or is that further north? If it is.. I’ll be up tomorrow. 😉

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