Video Enhancement

As a side effect of the fun-filled week last week, I put together a few videos I shot as a sort of roving vlog of my experience.  I figured I paid a good $40 for my camera so I’d best put it to good use!  (On top of that, my Canon XT went belly up the night before I was supposed to leave so I decided to resort to “movin’ pitchers” instead.)

My intention is that the Youtube channel this video is attached to will become a spot for me to plop down the occasional video clip or commentary.  Just consider this the first offering on the shelf.  I promise to provide insipid commentary, mic noise, poor video quality and the occasional rant.

This should give you a good idea of the fun that went on for me during last week.  The Last Broadcast was an audio production put together and presented during the final performance of the NATF event along with three other awesome productions.  It features zombies.  In concert with this, the video also involves zombies and screaming.  Don’t watch at work and use headphones with caution.  I suppose you could watch at work but use headphones carefully.  You wouldn’t want to disturb your co-workers at lunch with the sound of zombies having THEIR lunch.


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