Hello and welcome to the Yote’s Den!  (And welcome to all of those who are wandering over from my much older and slightly defunct blog, Coyote Watches!  Fair warning- it’s not going to be quite as…. sirius here.  Misspelling intentional.)

This blog came to be because of my desire to have all my varied interests and hobbies in one little internet spot.  Why have a blog at all for such a thing?  There are thousands, millions of fine people out there in the world who have tons of distracting hobbies and you don’t hear one PEEP out of them.  Well, part of the problem is I’m a writer.  I feel this near overwhelming desire to write about and share things; both true stories and the not so true stories.  The fictional stuff I take care of over at my writing blog, Allegory Harbor.

This wonderful little place is where I plan to dump everything else!

When I first felt the urge to create this oasis I did so with a bit of trepidation.  I’ve always been under the assumption one should create a blog with a certain theme in mind and not shotgun all your interests over your audience like Rip Taylor with confetti.  Well, lately, I’ve decided to say to hell with it.  I’m pretty sure you can take it and, besides, I LIKED Rip Taylor!

What can you expect here at the Yote Den?  Lucky for you, I’ve made a list with a little explanation of each of the items I see possibly getting posted about here.  No surprise, it reads like a top ten list of “things guys like to blather about.”

Parenting — I am the luckiest man in the world when it comes to kids and my wife.   I’ve learned a lot and both my wife and I feel pretty confident in trying to help other folks get ready not for the terrible twos or the frantic fours but, instead, the troubling thirteens and the frustrating fifteens.  My family is my life and you should prepare yourself to hear about the various adventures and misadventures we get into.

Happiness — As stated repeatedly on Coyote Watches, I am big on happiness.  I’m not talking about rainbows and tr-la-la happiness (though that can be good too) but grounded, everyday happiness which powers you through the crap.  Finding joy in a flower, a waterfall, the flight of a moth, the smile of a child or rolling that critical hit when you absolutely, positively need to kill that shadow ogre RIGHT NOW!  I’ll try not to get too sappy but I feel it’s only fair to warn you up front.

Gaming  — If you didn’t notice the end of that last post, I’ll be a bit more blatent.  I LOVE gaming.  All of it.  I mean Gaming with a capital G.  The whole enchilada.  I’m going to be going on here about board games, roleplaying games, interactive story games, and, of course, computer and console games.  I’m also going to overwhelm you with my incredibly geeky gaming video channel I created on youtube.  Just when you think I’ve gone to far for any sane older man to go, I’m gonna cross the line.  I am what is called a “paleo” gamer.  What does that mean?  Let’s just say it’s a term used for individuals who were playing games when Dungeons and Dragons was built by Satan and Gencon conventions were held at the University of Wisconsin.  Stick around and I’ll tell you some old-timey stories.

Currently, you should prepare to hear a lot about the game Minecraft.

Nature — A connection to Nature is one of the absolute keys in my life.  It could be a walk in a city park, looking at bugs crawling around in an alley or maybe a three day hike into the backwoods of a state forest.  For me, Nature in all of it’s forms is a power plant more powerful than a nuclear reactor.  I also do nature photography, rock hunt, bird watch and study survival skills.  All of the above is going to find it’s way into these pages and posts.

Beer and Spirits — I have an allergy to mass produced beer like Budweiser, Michelob and other American varieties of what they call beer.  I am actually allergic to the sulfite preservatives.  Because of this I have to be “that guy” at a bar who has to ask for the designer beer.  I can’t just grin at my buddies and say, “Gimme a Bud.”  *shiver*  Well, I could but I’d fall asleep with a rampaging headache in about twenty minutes.  I have to be a little careful but I LOVE a good microbrew.  They tend to not knock me out for five hours.  For some time now I’ve thought about creating a blog which just focuses on some of the great brews coming out of my area.  I’ve even tried my hand at making my own.  With the decision to start the Den, I’ve said to heck with a separate blog and will be incorporating it in here.   This will also branch out to my favorite kryptonite, single malt scotch and fine whiskey.

Food — I love to eat and I love to cook in the kitchen.  I’m not fancy and I don’t do things “properly.”  I’ll be posting some of my challenges, victories and, of course defeats.

Where I Live — I live in a pretty cool town with some pretty cool people and pretty cool things around it.  It is, after all, pretty cool.  I will get to blathering about it in good time I am sure.

History —  This is pretty much self-explanatory.  I’m told I should become a history teacher because I tell funny stories and place history in an interesting perspective.  I’m just going to make you all my test audience and we’ll see how it goes.

Geneology — This is like a blending of the history and parenting above.  I only started researching a year or so ago but what I’ve found so far is pretty interesting.

Adventure — I go on adventures.  They are, on occassion, random and ometimes it’s only to the grocery store.  Regardless, as I tell my children, adventure could happen at any moment and a quest could arrive with the next car trip.  I’m a big fan of making your own mythology and creating fun as you go.  Part of it is the old school gaming,  part of it is the insanity.

This is also said with the other caveat I am prone to mutter.  “Adventure is rarely fun while you are having it.”  When I do tell a story of woe and hair gnashing, I will try to make it entertaining.

Opinions — This should have probably been closer to the top.

This Space Intentionally Left Blank — Because I’m quite sure there are other things I’m going to write about here.   I’ll think about them later or, alternatively, a post will just show up on the fine art of llama milking.  I may or may not re-edit this beginning post to add it in.

What you won’t see here at the Yote Den

  • I’m pretty sure you will not see me posting about small porcelain collectibles.  (Note: I did not toss it out of the realm of possibility.  This frightens me.)
  • Politics.  Nuff’ said.
  • There will be no posts about ballet.  Sorry.
  • Ramblings about the newest cell phone app or anything of the sort.  Why?  I currently don’t have a cell phone and I plan to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.   See the category marked “Opinions” above for a possible future post.
  • There will be no posts about llama milking. Sorry.

And that, for now, is that!  I hope you enjoy this new little foray into my own personal confetti.  Along the way I hope to entertain and if lucky, inform.  Thanks for reading this far.  By doing so you should know that you have now skewed the stats being gathered for the typical attention span of an internet audience.

Let me know what you think and look forward to a wave of posts coming soon.


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  1. Have a good move and don’t hurt your back in the process. The movement of words is pain intensive, but sitting here on my deck and listening to the wrens that just returned for fifth year in a row, I realize that all moves are for the good if they are planned and Totaly thought out, which yours seems to be.
    I do however wish to express my most heartfelt apology for passing on the allergy
    To domestic beer. Yes I am! And yes the symptoms get worse with age.
    I have found a wonderful one from the East coast that we could drink. The problem is that it is not sold in Indiana that I know of.
    I found it in Florida, and bought a six pack and brought it back home. Since it will be six months before I can get any more my plan is to drink one beer a month to celebrate, so by the time I run out, it will be time to go back to Florida. Thought the math sort of worked out good.
    I will watch for future entries and promise to take up so much space in a reply, cause I do have this iPhone and it is hell to type on with fingers that wher designed to hold a Yingling Beer.

    • I like your math! I might just have to adapt that myself. Thanks for the post, Pop. Say hi to the wrens for me. Did you know wrens were considered a sacred bird by the Druids? 😉

      • I agree
        If one can’t smile a little inside when that Wren melody brings Spring.
        They should be placed in stocks an made to listen to iron maiden

  2. I want you to know that I have been planning to start this same blog, only with a lot more rainbows, for about a month. Great minds think alike. 😉

    Also, it is now my mission to give you suchlike good reason to post about one of your restricted topics, that you won’t be able to help it and you’ll have to go ‘I said I wasn’t gonna do this but willow forced me’.
    Challenge accepted.

    • I accept your acceptance of my challenge. Bring it. I’ll be waiting. Also, if ya wanna, I’ve been thinking about accepting guest postings? Wanna give it a go? Or we could wander the town and be a creative force for all that is good and geeky?

  3. Aw, come on! No ballet? I’ll give you a title: “Dancing with Lycanthropes”. My 11yo is already working on a ballet choreography for “Star Wars” (somewhat abridged). I’ll let you know when the Jedi Space Fairies from my corner of weird are ready to come out & be known to the world, and then you will have something worth eating your words for 🙂

    In all seriousness, it’s great to see you writing here, and I am looking forward to whatever comes next. Yay, Bryan!

    –Laura T from Way Back When

    • Wow! So good to hear from you!!! I think I might have to comment and follow a ballet called “Dancing with Lyanthropes.” The make-up alone would have to be awesome! And if you DON’T let me know about the Jedi Space Fairies I will be very upset and be forced to use my rather limited and ineffective magic!

  4. I find your balletophobia highly distasteful. And if you think *i’m* annoyed, wait until Bryn sees this!

    • WhatEVER. Ok, maybe I misspoke. Maybe I should have said “opera” instead? And Bryn? You can’t go around throwing boogey-monster names like that. We’ve not seen a Bryn in years!

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